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Fibre Bearings & Keys

In business for over 25 years, Raasi Enterprises has an industry wide reputation for producing high quality fibre bearings that withstand the toughest industrial conditions. Designed for use in Steel Re-Rolling mills, our fibre bearings are made of high strength fabrics and special long lasting compounds that are moulded under heat and extreme high pressure.

Our high pressure presses and moulds ensure that fibre bearings are manufactured to specifications with correct pressures, cycle times, conditions and temperatures. Our bearings are manufactured with pressure applied perpendicular to bearing load surfaces that gives fibre bearings exceptional and unique mechanical strength and extended wear cycles.

Our fibre bearings offer load bearing capacities equivalent to those of gun metal but, unlike metallic bearings, will not seize to metal shafts. Our fibre bearings are frequently preferred to metal bearings because of their longer life and ease of replacement.
Our fibre bearings are also excellent thermal insulators so flow through lube oil or water is strongly encouraged to help cool bearings and minimize heat related dimensional growth. Cooled bearings retain their hardness and extend bearing life.

Our fibre bearings are custom made. They can be customized to meet your sizes and requirement.


  • Lightweight
  • Extended Wear Life
  • High Density
  • Low friction
  • High Impact Strength
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Resiliency
  • Low Absorption of Water